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Note 007: Should you list on other (than Airbnb) channels?

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

The fast and simple answer is YES, you should list on more than one channel. The reasons are many but here are 10 simple ones to get you started:

1. Airbnb gets people off of the platform without warning, so putting "all eggs in one basket" is not healthy for your business.

2. Airbnb has a tiny portion of the overall travel market, so you're exposed to a small (although targeted) segment.

3. More eyeballs = More bookings

4. More bookings = Higher Average Daily Rate

5. On Airbnb, you compete with other similar properties almost exclusively.

6. On traditional "hotel" websites such as and, you compete with hotels.

7. Hotels are priced higher than homes. Having your property compared next to a hotel room (that's also priced higher or at the same price) will make it a much better deal. Getting 1, 2, or 3 bedroom home for the price of a 230 sf room in a hotel.

8. When you have 5x more visibility, your occupancy increases.

9. When you have higher occupancy, you can have your dynamic pricing to respond with a spike in price to further increase your revenue.

10. If Airbnb decides to terminate your account overnight, you will still be in business - and likely happier.

Non-Airbnb guests ask significantly fewer questions, and they're used to not knowing where the nearest grocery store is, or how far your place is to the convention center, etc. As long as you have automated information sent to them, and an automated payment processing, you will barely notice the arrival and departure of your non-Airbnb guests.

It is important to realize that these channels are NOT Airbnb. We see that most of our clients ask for "Airbnb" features when they first get exposed to new channels. These channels require proper setup, and then they're simple, much simpler than Airbnb. They allow you to have your guests as your guests, and they don't act as "big daddy" the way Airbnb does.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about multi-channel listing or anything related to managing rentals. This service is part of our offering to our customers at

Contact us at for more info.

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