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Note 009: Did you get a guest call during Thanksgiving?

Holidays are tough for VRMs. We do everything we can to help.

Being a vacation rental manager is similar to being in the medical field - when most people enjoy time with family, we have to work. People travel, eat, overeat, over-drink, and someone typically has to go and remedy for this effect. We sincerely hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family and weren't interrupted and missing from the table!

We are at a stage of confusion when it comes to using technology-enabled systems. For many parts of our life we use completely automated systems that we can't imagine living without, but when it comes to our jobs, we're typically hesitant to dive in. Usually, it is due to unclear offers on the market that require you to assemble a car vs. buying a car that starts with a push of a button and automatic shifting of gears (and soon with autonomous driving capability).

At we offer a complete system TODAY. The system is more representative of the cars today which still need a driver, although the driver does a lot less work to enjoy the ride. We've built our system by using the best components available on the market so that we can deliver you a complete solution. We include humans wherever technology cannot do the work (yet), with the goal of simplifying rentals management for VRMs and enabling them to go a lot further.

Our vision is to bring you "autonomous rentals management" by integrating and enabling ever more components which also include the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri type services so that your calls can be answered timely by them and provide accurate instructions to most if not all guest questions. We're probably a few years away from that moment but our services today are focused on covering the same basis by using humans. We believe in automating our work as well so that we can also become more efficient as technology solution providers.

We invite you to contact us so we can tell you more about our automation and services that will make sure you can be more relaxed when dinner time comes knowing that someone is helping when needed, knowing that guests' questions have been answered, knowing that your work as VRMs is a lot more efficient.

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